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  • * Funding up to $250,000
  • * A-B Credit Not Required
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How It Works

By using your business’s future receivables or daily credit card sales, your business can qualify for up to $250,000 in the form of a Business Cash Advance.

Claremont Advance specializes in securing working capital for small, medium and large sized businesses. Industries like Retail, Auto Repair, Restaurants, Medical and Dental Practices, and many more rely on cash advances to sustain and grow over time.

You do not need perfect credit to qualify for working capital. We simply purchase your future receivables or daily cash sales upfront and give you the cash your business needs.

Hassle-Free Qualifying

To get started, fill out our quick and easy application and submit your business’s last 3 bank statements. Every submission is subject to the same Review Process, which includes analysis of your business’s recently financial activity and standard Personal and Business Credit Checks.

Fast and Flexible

After qualifying, one of our lending specialists will work with you to customize the best advance for your business’s needs. Funding is available directly to your bank account in as fast as 36 hours or less. Our specialists are readily available and accessible, so you can always access help when you need it. And If an unexpected challenge arises, we will work with you directly to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I receive funding?

Fundings are advanced as quickly as 24-48 hours. Depending on the required underwriting stipulations, time frames may vary and exceed 48 hours.

Is this a one-time only program?

No. Our objective is to build a long term relationship by providing the alternative financial resources that can help you grow your Business

Can I use my advanced funds for any purpose?

Funds are to be used for business expenses and working capital. Aside from that, you are free to make any relevant purchases.

How much of an advance can I receive?

Maximum funding is $250,000, but the approved amount will ultimately depend on your personal credit and business perfomance.

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Customer Reviews


Someone broke into my store and we needed to fix the gate and install a new security system. We had the money in two days to pay the bill.

Dao Pling - California

I was nervous to take this advance, but we worked out an affordable payment plan.

Stefanie Morales - Colorado

Opened our Salon last year and needed some additional money for marketing and website. Michael at Claremont helped get us the money we needed in a couple of days.

Cindy Luang - North Carolina

Our flood insurance only covered half the damage in my office. Thanks to Claremont Advance I was able to get back on my feet within days.

Joann Palmetto - Maine

Our x-ray machine was broken beyond repair and we could not afford an upgrade. Joseph at Claremont got us the funds we needed for a new machine.

Robert Schwarzmann - New York

The fall was a bit slow and we needed some additional funds, Claremont got us the funds to hold us over.

Loreen Hylan - Oregon

We had to make some improvements/upgrades in our shop. Claremont Advance got me funded in two days. The upgrades got us the extra business we needed.

Ray Chadwick - Missouri

We needed a new ventilation system and did not have the extra cash on hand. Joseph from Claremont helped us get a fast advance that we paid off in 4 months.

Anthony Martinez - New York

I couldn't get a bank loan and Claremont was there to help my business throw a slow season.

Thomas Reynolds - South Carolina

Claremont staff was knowledgeable, helpful and very fast in getting me my advance. What's not to love?

Martin Jackson

I was able to turn a lagging family business around thanks to the folks at Claremont Advance. Would not have been able to afford the renovations or marketing without them.

Geneva Arroyo

Even when all the banks said no to my bad credit, Claremont Advance had my back and helped me back onto the road towards success.

Zoe Francesca

We wanted to try local advertising and marketing. We were able to get the extra money from Claremont. Thank you guys.

Richard Hadfield - Michigan

With many of the insurance issues over the last set of years, Claremont has been a great resource for us to stay current and in good standing with some of our expenses.

Gregory Fuller - Gerogia

We needed to upgrade our office systems to a more digital base platform. We had the funds within a week and make the upgrades to our system.

Leonard Blake -Minnesota

Great service and friendly people at Claremont Advance. I got my business back on track within days.

Gabriel Montero - Pennsylvania

Just opened our second location and found we needed an extra $10,000. More than just a cash advance, Joseph at Claremont provided outstanding customer service from start to finish.

Sylvia Beltram - Ohio

We had to make some repairs to our stock room. Claremont got us approved within a few days. Thank you for everything.

Sheree Miller - Tennessee

The shop had a leak in the roof and I needed $5,000 to not fall behind. Thank you Claremont Advance.

Pat McKenzie - Illinois

The advance with Claremont helped grow my business. I needed to hire extra help in the shop.

Luis Garcia - Florida

Times got tough and I was having trouble with the bills. Michael at Claremont worked out an advance I can manage and 5 months later I was back on my feet.

Lance Wellbrook - Idaho
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