Dentist Cash Advance

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How It Works

By using your business’s future receivables or daily credit card sales, your business can qualify for up to $250,000 in the form of a Business Cash Advance.

Claremont Advance specializes in securing working capital for small, medium and large sized businesses. Industries like Retail, Auto Repair, Restaurants, Medical and Dental Practices, and many more rely on cash advances to sustain and grow over time.

You do not need perfect credit to qualify for working capital. We simply purchase your future receivables or daily cash sales upfront and give you the cash your business needs.

Invest tomorrow's sales in your practice today

Dentistry is an industry with a diverse customer range and repeat business. Like other industries there are lots of moving parts and unforeseen expenses.  A cash advance can help offset some of these cost, so you can get everything that you need to remain competitive and grow your patient base.

  • Covers all Dental Equipment
  • Repairs and Renovations
  • Staff Payroll
  • Fast Approval of up to $250,000
  • Bad Credit OK
  • Approved within 48 hours

Why Cash Advance Works for Dentists

Dentistry is constantly evolving and costs can range from supplies to staffing and marketing. Some dentist invest in everything from print campaigns to social media promotions to keep their business successful. A business cash advance can help make that investment, which often leads to growth and new opportunities.

Dental practices are also ideal for a cash advance due to the steady nature of the business. Even with seasonal fluctuations in demand, there is usually a predictable baseline of income, which makes it far easier to calculate just how much you'll need, and what you will be able to pay back. 

Customer Reviews


Our flood insurance only covered half the damage in my office. Thanks to Claremont Advance I was able to get back on my feet within days.

Joann Palmetto - Maine

Our x-ray machine was broken beyond repair and we could not afford an upgrade. Joseph at Claremont got us the funds we needed for a new machine.

Robert Schwarzmann - New York

The fall was a bit slow and we needed some additional funds, Claremont got us the funds to hold us over.

Loreen Hylan - Oregon

We moved to a new location and needed some capital for equipment upgrades. I got funded in 48 hours, thanks Claremont.

Peter Horowitz - Florida

We needed some new computers and filing cabinets. Michael worked with us to secure a small advance to make the purchases.

Maria Alvarez - Pennsylvania

The dentist chairs needed maintenance and I called Claremont to get a cash advance.

Gary Mitchell - Oklahoma

We wanted to expand our current location and we got the construction money were looking for from Claremont.

Christine Cho - Massachusetts

Our parking lot had to be repaved and we did not have the additional funds on hand. I worked with Joseph to get the advance and it was very smooth.

Rajesh Patesh- New Jersey

I had other cash advances before and Claremont charged me no extras fees and was by far the easiest to work with.

Deborah Powell - Indiana
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