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How It Works

By using your business’s future receivables or daily credit card sales, your business can qualify for up to $250,000 in the form of a Business Cash Advance.

Claremont Advance specializes in securing working capital for small, medium and large sized businesses. Industries like Retail, Auto Repair, Restaurants, Medical and Dental Practices, and many more rely on cash advances to sustain and grow over time.

You do not need perfect credit to qualify for working capital. We simply purchase your future receivables or daily cash sales upfront and give you the cash your business needs.

Build your business with the future

A merchant cash advance provides your business with an agreed upon amount of cash in exchange for a percentage of future credit card and/or debit card sales. If you've been in business for more than one year and can provide 3 months of bank statements, you could be eligible for up to $250,000, approved within 24 hours.
  • Quick Approval: Avoid the slow headache of a business loan. Get funding in days, not weeks or months.
  • Flexible Terms: Make incremental payments based on your billables. A perfect solution which adapts for both expansion and slow seasons.
  • No interest rate: Pre-agreed factor rate is applied to all future sales
  • Bad Credit OK: No rigorous checks or restrictive terms.

Simple + Flexible Lending Solution

Avoid the long waits and red tape associated with bank-issued business loans and finance your enterprise within days, not weeks. Our free, no obligation application process will let you know within 48 hours if you are eligible for a lump sum payment on future earnings. A merchant cash advance is a great funding alternative for businesses not able or willing to jump through all the hoops, delays and thorough credit checks associated with a common bank loan.

Customer Reviews


Excellent customer service. They answered all my questions and got me an advance the very next day.

Roger Clinton

We could not have expanded our business without you guys. Could not be happier with this service!

Vanessa Davis

These guys went above and beyond to take my startup business to the next level. Can't recommend them enough.

Ross Brockman

For short term capital there is no better solution, especially if your personal credit isn't great, they can still make it happen.

Ryan Segel

Not only was the staff super helpful, but very friendly and easy to talk to. I had many questions/doubts but they were happy to address them all.

Janine Vega

We've used this service 4 times and it helped increase our sales exponentially. The staff is great to work with and really knows their stuff.

Chris Barrington

These folks literally saved my business from going under during a dry spell when all the banks were rejecting my loan applications. I won't work with anyone else now

Bradley Teller

Exceptional customer service and fast approval of funds. I was pleasantly surprised!

Nicole Reynolds

Claremont helped fund our first business and has become a valued partner in facilitating our growth and success. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Diaz

Customer service is world class. They are always there to answer my questions and help plan the future of my business.

Richard Manning

After dealing with red tape from banks for weeks, this process was so fast and simple that I couldn't believe it! Awesome service.

Gary Rhodes

Great staff. Great service. Would recommend them to anyone starting or expanding a business.

Rodney Cooke

Great service and very knowledgeable staff. They were super friendly and helped my business take off within days. Highly recommended!

Andrew Kean

After getting rejected for one small business loan after another, Claremont went above and beyond to help me expand my retail business and open a second shop.

David Hutchinson

Kept my shop running during one of our slowest seasons. We would not be in business today if it weren't for the excellent staff at Claremont.

Sheryl Goodman

The North East can be tricky for landscaping. We wanted to expanded to snow removal and got the money we need from Claremont.

Walter Newcomb - Vermont

Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Needed to get through a rough patch and Claremont helped us get through the season.

Irene Copeland - Missouri

Needed a new truck. The guys at Claremont got me approved in a couple of days. Much thanks.

Derrick Ward - Georgia

We wanted to expand our staff to handle a larger client base. We got funded from Claremont and worked out great.

Lisa Vondell - Oregon

Our rent increased and we started to feel the strain on our business. Michael at Claremont helped us get us back on our feet.

Edward Acevado - Illinois

We discovered a leak in our facility. We received a $5,000 advance and had the issue fixed.

Darrel Ramsey - Flordia

Wanted to make general improvements to our waiting room, but did not have the budget to do so. Claremont worked out a plan that we could manage.

Judy Goldman - Connecticut

Our HVAC systems needed repairs. We had the money in 72 hours.

Maribel Esposito - Nevada

Sometimes insurance payments do not clear fast enough. I needed some extra operating funds and Joseph at Claremont did a great job working with me.

Elsa Sinclaire - Arkansas

Two freezers broke and one had to be replaced. We needed some money fast and Claremont stepped in and helped out.

Ryan Wilson - South Dakota

I wanted to build out additional space and needed $30 grand. Joseph at Claremont got me the funds within a week.

Lenny Pollard - Utah

The Holidays were a bit slow and needed some extra cash. I worked with Michael at Claremont and was able to get the funds necessary to carry us over.

Chantel Lee - California

My renovation went over budget and needed some fast money. Claremont got us funded in two days. Thank you for all you help Joseph.

Gerald Baptiste - Florida

My store is everything and Claremont has helped us through a couple of rough patches. I can not thank them enough.

Todd Foster - New Hampshire

Needed anew heating system that was gonna cost a bundle. The guys at Claremont worked out a great plan for me. Thank you.

Chris Nugent - Colorado

I had other cash advances before and Claremont charged me no extras fees and was by far the easiest to work with.

Deborah Powell - Indiana

Our parking lot had to be repaved and we did not have the additional funds on hand. I worked with Joseph to get the advance and it was very smooth.

Rajesh Patesh- New Jersey

We wanted to expand our current location and we got the construction money were looking for from Claremont.

Christine Cho - Massachusetts

The dentist chairs needed maintenance and I called Claremont to get a cash advance.

Gary Mitchell - Oklahoma

We needed some new computers and filing cabinets. Michael worked with us to secure a small advance to make the purchases.

Maria Alvarez - Pennsylvania

We moved to a new location and needed some capital for equipment upgrades. I got funded in 48 hours, thanks Claremont.

Peter Horowitz - Florida

Our rent increased and I needed a cash advance to get through the first couple of months. I have continued to grow my business and no longer worry about my margins.

Laura Stralbren -New Hampshire

I recently remodeled my salon and found we needed some additional capital to operate. I got a small advance from Claremont and it helped us through that time.

Grace Milagro - Connecticut

Wanted to add two more tanning beds and the guys at Claremont got me funding within the same week.

Daniel Sandow - Arizona

Needed money for inventory and some upgrades. Thank you Joseph.

Jeanine Palumbo -Florida

After 8 years in business we needed a lot of upgrades and renovations. Within a couple of days we were able to start turning our whole salon around. Thank you Joseph.

Alicia Hernandez - Pennsylvania

The salon is near a University and when the students go away, business slows down. We made it the through the Summer season thanks to a Claremont Advance.

Lily Nygen - Virginia

We had some water damage in the shop and had to replace some equipment. The cash advance was perfect for our needs.

Jerry Sparrow - Delaware

The Winter business can very slow, especially when the weather gets real tough. Joseph got us enough funding to get through the months.

Steve Glehn - Massachusetts

Things got slow and the guys at Claremont came through for us.

Chris DePollo - New Jersey

Times got tough and I was having trouble with the bills. Michael at Claremont worked out an advance I can manage and 5 months later I was back on my feet.

Lance Wellbrook - Idaho

The advance with Claremont helped grow my business. I needed to hire extra help in the shop.

Luis Garcia - Florida

The shop had a leak in the roof and I needed $5,000 to not fall behind. Thank you Claremont Advance.

Pat McKenzie - Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I receive funding?

Fundings are advanced as quickly as 24-48 hours. Depending on the required underwriting stipulations, time frames may vary and exceed 48 hours.

Is this a one-time only program?

No. Our objective is to build a long term relationship by providing the alternative financial resources that can help you grow your Business

Can I use my advanced funds for any purpose?

Funds are to be used for business expenses and working capital. Aside from that, you are free to make any relevant purchases.

How much of an advance can I receive?

Maximum funding is $250,000, but the approved amount will ultimately depend on your personal credit and business perfomance.

How does a merchant cash advance work?

Upon qualification you will receive an agreed upon amount of cash by the advance provider, which is then repaid automatically using a percentage of your daily sales/transaction receipts.

If I currently have a cash advance, can I get additional funding?

Depending on the funder, yes, you can receive additional funding and have more than one active merchant cash advance.

My business license is expired, can I still receive a cash advance?

Unfortunately, most funders require the merchant to be in good standing in order to receive funding.

What is a merchant cash advance balance letter?

This is a letter provided by your cash advance company that is used to verify your outstanding balance with that funder.

What documents will I need to provide for larger funding amounts?

Depending on the funder the requirements may differ. Usually funding amounts upward of $50,000 will require recent tax returns, financial statements/reports among other specified information and documents.

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) or business cash advance is a means of alternative funding. Similar to factoring, a lump-sum payment is given in exchange for a business’s future receivables. Payment terms differ depending on qualifications and are contractually agreed upon prior to receiving funding.

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