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How It Works

By using your business’s future receivables or daily credit card sales, your business can qualify for up to $250,000 in the form of a Business Cash Advance.

Claremont Advance specializes in securing working capital for small, medium and large sized businesses. Industries like Retail, Auto Repair, Restaurants, Medical and Dental Practices, and many more rely on cash advances to sustain and grow over time.

You do not need perfect credit to qualify for working capital. We simply purchase your future receivables or daily cash sales upfront and give you the cash your business needs.

Build Your Shop On Tomorrow's Success

Like most seasonal businesses, there is a natural flux that pizzeria owners are familiar with. Sales tend to spike on Halloween, Superbowl Sunday and Thanksgiving, while everything in between can often be unpredictable. Fortunately, a merchant cash advance presents an ideal solution for this particular business model. Since your payments are flexible and adjusted to your income on a sale by sale basis, you can secure working capital during a slow spell, while enjoying the confidence that certain times of year are proven performers for your business. Whether you're facing a slowdown, or looking to expand and serve more customers, talk to one of our specialists and see how a merchant cash advance can work for you.

  • All Cooking Supplies + Equipment
  • Commercial Rent/Lease
  • Expansion + Renovation Costs
  • Payroll + Specialists Fees
  • Lump sum payment up to $250,000
  • Approved within 48 hours

How Fast + Easy Financing can Revitalize Your Business

Since it is not a bank or business loan, the terms and requirements for a cash advance are a lot more simple and expedient. If you've been operating for at least six months, your business is already eligible for our free application process. Once approved, funds will be provided within 48 hours, directly to your bank account. Our automated system is built on incremental payments. Each credit/debit card sale you make pays off the balance, so when you won't be saddled with a large bill every month. A merchant cash advance is settled by its own source -your credit/debit sales and bank withdrawals, for a nominal factor rate. Talk to one of our specialists today and find out how a cash advance can help you attain your business goals.

Customer Reviews


Claremont helped fund our first business and has become a valued partner in facilitating our growth and success. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Diaz

Exceptional customer service and fast approval of funds. I was pleasantly surprised!

Nicole Reynolds

These folks literally saved my business from going under during a dry spell when all the banks were rejecting my loan applications. I won't work with anyone else now

Bradley Teller
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